Anal sex involves the penetration of the anus by a penis, fingers, or sex toys like dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs. Although stimulation of the anus by a tongue is popularly classified as oral sex, it is also a form of anal sex.

As you and I will agree, human beings like to explore when it comes to sexual activities. Therefore, Anal sex has become more prevalent in recent years, as men and women want to enjoy new forms of pleasure. 

Anal sex can be very painful and risky if the proper precautions are not taken. 

This kind of sex is delightful to those comfortable trying it because the anus is very sensitive. While some people enjoy anal sex, some people find the idea disgusting and unpalatable and are not comfortable trying it at all;- this is perfectly fine. If you buy the idea, try it. If you don’t, leave it and go for your usual vagina sex.

If you will be/ have been having anal sex, you should know some things about it; the risks involved, and ways to protect yourself and your partner.


Things you should know about Anal sex

Here are some of the essential things to note if you are going to have anal sex. 


  • The anus lacks natural lubrication.

 The anus does not produce its lubrication like an aroused vagina. Therefore, you need to do the lubrication yourself, using water-based lubricants only. Do not try to penetrate the anus without proper lubrication to avoid causing a tear injury to your partner.


  • The tissues inside the anus are very sensitive.

The tissues inside the anus are vulnerable to tear and injury because they are very delicate and sensitive. Also, since the internal part of the anus does not have dead skin cells protecting it like the skin around it, there is an increased risk of exchanging bacteria and Sexually transmitted Infections (STIs) between partners.


  • Relaxation is vital in anal sex.

To enjoy anal sex and avoid too much pain for your partner, you have to be very patient, and your partner has to be relaxed. Relaxation helps to make the expansion of tight muscles easier and less painful. It is easier for your partner to relax if they are initially comfortable trying out anal sex. If your partner is finding it hard to relax, it is better to stop at least for that moment. You can try again in your next sexual appointment when they are more mentally prepared for anal penetration.


  • The anus has bacteria.

Just like the vagina, the anus houses bacteria. These bacteria can be transmitted to you if you do not take necessary precautions before, during, and after anal intercourse.

An STI isn’t the only thing you have to worry about when having anal sex. Bacteria living in or near the anus can be easily spread if you don’t take precautions to tidy up after anal penetration. (1)


  • More risk compared to vagina sex.

Studies have shown that there are more risks attached to anal sex than there are to vagina sex. These risks will be discussed later in the article but note that they are not threatening if you take all precautions seriously. 


Risks involved in Anal sex

  • Anal fissure

This happens when there is a tear in the tissue of the anus. If your partner experiences severe pains in the anus after anal sex, it is best to see a doctor. The doctor may recommend antibiotics to prevent or slow down bacteria activity on the tear. 


  • Unwanted pregnancy

Most men have anal sex and believe there is no way on earth their partners can conceive. Of course, your partner cannot get pregnant through the anus, but they may take in if you release your sperm close to the vagina.


  • Bleeding

Bleeding may or may not be a threat. It all depends. It is okay if your partner experiences little bleeding in their first trial. If they bleed and have severe pains after every anal penetration, you should take it as a threat and stop trying anal sex or see a doctor.


  • Colon perforation

This is uncommon but not impossible. Anal sex complications could lead to a serious case like colon perforation. This is very dangerous, as severe bleeding and severe pains could occur. It is advisable to see a doctor immediately. Most times, a surgical fix is required. 


  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): 

It is easier to get infected in anal sex because the anus originally is a passage for feces. Feces contain many bacteria, and a number of them are usually deposited in the anus and rectum. Therefore, you can get gonorrhea and other STIs from anal sex, even faster than from vagina sex. 

For your partner, the anus tissues are more likely to tear compared to the vagina tissues. Therefore, it is more likely to get an infection into the bloodstream through a tear in the anus.

Also, you should know this – you can put yourself and your partner at a risk of some infections like herpes, hepatitis, human papillomavirus(HPV) if there is oral contact with the anus during sex. This is mainly because your mouth also contains bacteria.


Safety Tips to Consider when having Anal sex.


  • Good communication between you and your partner

You and your partner must understand each other completely. Make sure both parties are ready for the ride. It makes things easier when your partner is interested in anal penetration. Communicate with your partner effectively before and during penetration. If the pain is unbearable, you should stop and enjoy your sexual session through methods other than anal sex.


  • Long nails are not allowed.

The anal walls are very thin; your nails may cause a tear while you are trying to finger your partner’s anus. A tear makes the process more painful for your partner and puts them at a higher risk of infection as bacteria and viruses may go straight into the bloodstream through the tear. Try not to keep long nails.


  • Use water-based lubricants.

It is more advisable to use a water-based lubricant for anal sex. Oil-based lubricants may cause friction and cause latex condoms to tear. Do not use spit also; you may be giving your partner an infection.


  • Use enough lubrication

As stated previously, the anus does not provide natural lubrication like the vagina. Therefore, you need to use enough artificial lubricant. Make sure to use enough water-based lubricant to make penetration easier and less painful.


  • Use Condoms

Use latex condoms when having anal sex. Raw sex, even when on pre-exposure prophylaxis drugs, is not advised. Condoms during anal or vagina sex give a satisfactory level of protection. However, it is not a card to total freedom or a weapon of invisibility to sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


  • Bath before and after sex

It is advisable to have your bath with warm water and soap before and after sex. This helps to kill germs and maybe bacteria on the skin around genital areas. This goes a long way in preventing the skin-to-skin contact mode of getting some of the infections.


  • Don’t go too rough

The tissues in the anus are very sensitive. It is advised that stroking is slow, especially for the first few minutes or until the anus is stretched enough and can comfortably take the penis or sex object. Avoid too rough sex to prevent tissue damage and colon perforation. 


  • Use fingers or smaller objects first.

Start with a finger, and increase to two or three with time to stretch your anus little by little. You can also try smaller vibrators or dildos before using bigger ones or inserting the real penis. Using smaller objects first will prepare the anus for the incoming bigger object or penis.


  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

These are drugs used before exposure to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). You can use these drugs at the recommended time and dosage when you know you are going to have anal sex. This reduces your chances of getting infected when you finally have sex.


  • Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)

These are drugs used after possible exposure to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). You can use these drugs within 72 hours of anal sex to reduce the risk of HIV. They have side effects but can be effectively managed with proper guidance from doctors or other certified health professionals. 


  • Choose the best position. 

The “best” position is relative. It is the position that is most suitable and comfortable for both partners. As it is in vagina penetration, there are lots of sex positions that support anal sex. 

Many people find lying on their stomachs with their partner behind them works well for anal sex. Missionary can work, too, as long as you adjust the point of entry. Doggy style is also an easy position. The receptive partner can slowly back up onto the insertive partner to control depth and pace. (4)


  • Douching / cleaning the anus before sex.

If you want the anal sex to be completely clean and free from surprising (or not so surprising, since the anus passes feces) stains, you can advise your partner to make use of a douching bottle to wash the inner part of the anus. This is advisable and assures clean sex. Stains may irritate you during sex and turn you off. 

 How to douche:  

  1. Get a douching bottle ready
  2. Fill with clean water
  3. Insert into your anus and press the bottle till the water fills your anus
  4. Pass out the water through your anus
  5. Repeat the process till the water that comes out of your anus is visibly clean.


Advantages of Anal sex

  • More sexual pleasure

Since the anus has super sensitive tissues, stimulation can cause intense orgasm for your partner as the G-spot and A-spot are hit. Prostate orgasms can give extreme feelings of pleasure too. The tightness of the anus can also give you an extreme feeling and cause you to reach unknown heights of climax. 


  • More adventure for partners

Some people derive more pleasure from trying new things or doing things out of the usual. Since anal sex is not regular, you may get increased arousal from trying it, thereby enjoying more sexual pleasure. 


  • Intimacy between partners

Anal sex, when successful, sends both partners to untapped heights of pleasure and causes intense orgasms. This makes both partners have enough fun during the intercourse. Studies have shown that good sex makes partners closer.  Good sex brings intimacy to partners.


  • Less worry of pregnancy 

Anal sex has its perks; you can deposit your semen while deep in without worrying about pregnancy. 

In uncommon cases, though, sperm may mistakenly drop near the vagina and cause pregnancy.  It is advisable to wear a condom.



If you and your partner are looking to attain new heights of sexual pleasure, you can try to go anal. Just follow the safety precautions, and you’ll be fine. 

Also, if you have been having anal sex, make sure you do it safer.