The Ultimate Guide to Well-groomed Pubic Hair

In recent times, the issue of pubic hair has been a bone of contention among men. Some men find it natural, healthy, attractive, while others believe it causes odor when it is untidy, believing it to be unclean and unattractive.

Regardless, an increasing number of men are more conscious of the hair down there. Men are skeptical about clearing out their lawns due to health and hygiene reasons, but there’s no denying the benefits of keeping the curls neat.

According to a U.S. study, just over half of the men surveyed — 50.5 percent, to be exact — reported regular pubic grooming (1).

Regular pubic grooming could be due to various reasons ranging from keeping it clean before sex and prevent hair from sticking out.

Whatever your reason, we suggest you keep reading to find out how to properly groom the short curls around your pubic regions.

Let’s dive right in.


Choosing a pubic hair design

First thing first, choosing a hair design. Yeap, maintaining your pubic hair is every bit the same as maintaining the hair on your scalp. You must choose a style before starting this journey. 

Here are lists of pubic hair designs:

  • Briefs: This involves shaving off hairs that stick out of your briefs. It’s the man’s version of the bikini style.
  • Lion’s mane:  This design removes hair around your balls, including the base, and leaves the hair at the top.
  • Trimmed: This involves trimming the hair to a short length while retaining full hair coverage. This is the best style if you do not want to shave but want to reduce the hair.

Picking a style is your choice; you could trim low or completely go bare. It’s advisable to choose a design based on the form of grooming you have in mind.


How to groom the curls down there


When grooming your pubic hair, you should sterilize all tools and wash your hands before and after removing the hair, irrespective of the method chosen. Such methods include:


  • Shaving 

Shaving is common among dudes, but it’s also one of the most hazardous if you’re not careful (1). 

One U.S. study found pubic hair groomers have a higher rate of sexually transmitted infections. This is likely down to the fact that shaving causes tiny open cuts in the skin, making bacteria and infections easier to transmit (2).  

Shaving can also block your follicles — the casings that hold each hair — potentially causing folliculitis or ingrown hairs (1).

When shaving, it’s easy to accidentally cut your skin, thereby exposing your skin to bacteria infection or irritants. Over the years, there have been several reports of penile injuries caused due to shaving, and as such, it’s advisable to opt for an electric razor over a straight razor.


  • Waxing and threading

Waxing is a good substitute for shaving. It’s less irritable and results in less itchiness. Waxing is done by applying strips of warm wax to a hairy surface and pulling hairs out from their follicles (1).

Threading works by wrapping thin threads around hairs and pulling them out by the root, too (1).

These methods are considered painful and less risky when properly done. Hence, it is best done by trained professionals to avoid causing side effects such as redness, ingrown hairs, irritation when wrongly done.


  • Chemical depilatories

This involves using chemically induced hair removing agents. These products weaken the keratin in hair, making removal easy. They break down hair, so it washes away from the skin.

The good thing is that they are in abundance in every drugstore and are affordable and convenient to use. The down part, though, is that they contain chemicals that could cause an allergic breakout. So for those with sensitive skin, we say take to your heels and avoid such products.


  • Trimming

The good thing about pubic hair is that at some point, it stops growing. You do not need to worry about it turning into a drape like the hair on your head. 

If you don’t want to go bare and would rather maintain the lawns around your boner, you could trim with scissors. But please be cautious.


  • Laser hair removal or electrolysis

Laser removal uses concentrated beams of light, while electrolysis uses a device that transmits energy from chemicals or heat into your follicles to keep them from growing new hairs (1).

These are considered permanent methods of hair removal. They remove follicles and make it difficult for hair to grow back. When hair grows back, they are less thick and come out finer and relaxed.

Though viewed as most effective, it’s not a convenient approach if you have a history of keloid scars.

To choose which is best for you, consult your doctor and be on the journey of removing unwanted hair.


Is grooming your pubic hair necessary?

Whether or not you decide to groom your mane has no health benefits. But keeping your lawns tidy is very important and beneficial, some of which include:

  • It makes your little buddy appear bigger and more attractive. With the bushes cleared, your penis’s full length and width are more visible. Clearing out your garden gives room for applying products such as talcum powder, moisturizers that give comfort down there.
  • It also shows you’re a man of character. A man who cares about his hygiene keeps the lawn tidy. This gives you a form of sexiness that makes your partner know you care about your hygiene.


Tips to having well-groomed pubes 

Though there are various methods, none is risk-free. The most common of these is shaving and waxing, which, when properly done, gives you a perfect tendered garden free from all infestation. 

Most forms of hair removal aside from shaving and trimming are carried out by a second party. So let’s talk about making your shaving clean and hazard-free.


Shaving tips

Though shaving is considered risky, with the right guide, you will avoid the hazards attached. When manscaping, endeavor to stay clean and keep your tools clean and sanitized. Also, take a quick and warm bath to soften the hair around your balls and prevent your skin from getting irritated.

 Here are some recommended tips for you if you opt for shaving:

  • Trim first if you find it necessary: If your pubes are long, trim with scissors to make the job easier for the blade. By trimming long hairs, you prevent the blade from getting clogged up with hair.


  • Use a separate razor for your pubic part: Paraventure you don’t have a separate razor for other parts, start with the strands gathered around your manhood and be cautious.


  • Use a sharp razor all the time: Yeah, right, we know the goal is to avoid a cut and using a sharp razor seems like the easy way to get a cut. Contrary to the obvious, using a sharp razor gets you a clean cut without you having to pull the hair. With a sharp razor, you get a close shave without applying pressure, which may injure your skin. So, when getting a razor, watch out for one which cuts with no stress and avoids those that pull and expose you to infections and irritation.


  • Use soap and warm water. Always start by washing up with warm water and mild soap. Using warm water makes it easy for a smooth and clean shave. Never dry shave as this exposes you to infections.


  • Apply a shaving cream: This is absolutely a must. Using this makes it thick enough to protect the skin from getting too irritated after shaving.


  • Be gentle and kind:  Always shave in the direction your hair grows. While shaving, avoid shaving the same spot repeatedly, no matter how tempted you are to get that ultra-smooth feel. Pull your skin to keep it firm to get all your hair out and prevent loose skin from moving along with the razor and causing a cut. This prevents cuts and ingrown hair.


  • Rinse your razor at intervals: Endeavour to rinse out razor after each stroke to clean up the clogs of hair and shaving cream.


  • Moisturize after shaving: Use a light moisturizer of your choice once you’ve finished shaving. Avoid using heavy products such as oils, especially when it’s your first. Simply find a moisturizer that works and stick to it.


  • Use products that prevent ingrown hair: According to Mayo clinic, “ingrown hairs happen when hair grows back into the skin instead of out and away from the body, causing inflammation and bumps.” To avoid such, try exfoliating often and applying serums.



The decision to leave out the pubic hair or shave them off is based on one’s individuality.

When manscaping, avoid overdoing it and overusing sharp blades wrongly to avoid ingrown hair and pimples.

Create gaps within sessions and stick to a routine. We recommend once per week or once every two weeks.

When it comes to pubic hair, please apply caution and follow our recommended guidelines.