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The original Penomet Penis Pump

The first iteration of the best selling Penomet penis pump back in 2012

Penomet goes back to 2008 when a team of engineers sat down to get to the bottom of one problem: How can we make penis enlargement and penile rigidity devices fundamentally better?

Let us look back a little, to the middle ages, where the man had invented some pretty strange ways of enlarging his penis — however, they were on to something. The Japanese, for example, had practised penis enlargement for centuries using how water and tight rope-like bonding to their penis.

Maybe there was something to the heat that was causing the generally small penis Japanese to increase their member’s size? We went to our labs and did years of testing, to see how we could combine a traditional penis pump with thermals and modern age space-age materials.

The outcome was the Penomet in 2012, and we can’t alter the history of Penis Enlargement forever.