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Penomet Customer Testimonials

We think Penomet is amazing, but don’t take our word for it!

“I have used other pumps before and they have been either a bit too small in girth or way too big in length and hard to get good suction. With the Penomet, it fits perfectly and I get such a good suction. It is still early days using the Penomet but I am already seeing a positive effect on my penis size. Also after using, my penis looks bigger than ever! It has been a great purchase so far and I cannot wait to see more positive results with repeated use. I wish I found out about the Penomet sooner as I can only imagine how big I would have been by now!”

Seral – Essex, United Kingdom

“This is my testimonial of the Penomet Premium package. I have tried quite a few competitors and so far none have even come close to what the Penomet has given me. There are other options out there offering and delivering some measureable results but Penomet is by far the best. My length and girth have both increased which of course is extremely imoirtant but I also want to point out the increased vitality. I am faster and fuller when it comes to my erection, something my wife is really appreciating. I would recommend everybody to try it out. It is going to be worth it.”

Joakim – Sweden

“I need to keep this short and sweet because I truly believe that’s the only way anybody can accurately describe this… this… I don’t know mean to sound cliche, but this life changing product. I originally purchased this to suprise my girlfriend. Much to her dismay I’ve found myself enjoying my time with ME almost as much as my time with HER. Take my word for it. If you use this even somewhat frequently, the results will below (both of you) away.”

Kemlan – CA, United States

“I first heard about the Penomet at my local rugby club in London where a team mate was telling me about the wonders of this new hydro pump which was much more effective than any pills on the market. My usual view on these things is that they are a dubious scam or potentially dangerous but I was intrigued by the recommendation. I took a look at the slick Penomet website and was impressed enough to order the Penomet Premium package. I used the medium strength gaiters at first but quickly moved up to the extreme gaiter and used it about five times a week in the bath as suggested. I was very pleased with the results which were reasonably quick and progressive in both directions. After about a year I have seen a full two inches of growth which has exceeded my expectations. In my view a superb hydro pump and now the talk of locker rooms around London!”

Daniel – London, United Kingdom

“Yes, I love my Penomet! I suffered from self-esteem since my teenage years, yet still got married with this problem. When my Penomet had arrived I experienced rapid growth, about two inches in a few weeks. Now I feel confident knowing that my wife has something larger to catch in her hands. Despite the fact that I do not have a regular routine, my results were very satisfactory. My wife already feels the difference when I regularly use the device and I recommend everyone who wants to change the sex life and start getting compliments. Get yours as soon as you can!

Marcelo – Brazil

“If you want the short version, I am completely satisfied with my Penomet. Now for the longer version… I started doing PE in 2010. I did not measure myself until 2012. My first recorded measurement was 143mm (~5.6 inches). Over the years, I had +/- ½ inch measurements (meaning nothing was permanent). In 2015, I decided to start a strict PE routine. I ordered a Penomet and made a schedule for exercises and pumping. After six months, I was up to 214mm (~8.4 inches). I was happy and stopped PE. Last week, I started doing some light stretches/pumping. It has been 5 months since I stopped. I decided to measure and I was 216 mm (~8.5 inches). On girth, I started around 140 mm and today was 151 (a gain of ~0.4 inches). Almost one year later and the Penomet still functions the same as when I purchased it. Now I am not going to lie, the first few weeks were intense. I felt sore and sometimes had to skip pumping session. My best advise is to ease yourself into a routine. Let your body grow accustomed to pumping. Now after pumping, my penis is harder.”

Chuck – AL, United States

“The Penomet has absolutely, without a doubt, changed my life. Ever since I started using I have noticed astonishing changes. Every single day, I exude confidence that I did not have before. It has become almost a daily ritual for me that I feel odd going without. The results have been absolutely insane. The product most definitely works. Everything you hear about the Penomet is true. It is an even pressure all over that will increase size, whether it’s girth or length, that you’re looking for. I was easily the best investment that I’ve ever made. I did not necessarily need the product when I started out but I had a desire to hit at least 9 inches. With this product, I have done that and it has affected my life for the better. I am more confident all over the place and I highlight doubt id be the person I am today without this product and all the wonderful gaiters that it comes with. I hope everyone considers this as the number 1 rated product of its kind because nothing even comes close to it. Not even a little bit. I emplore anyone who feels like try this to not think but just do it because there will be absolutely no regret if your goals were the same as mine. Like I have said, I have used it daily and each time I seem to gain more and more results with honestly no end in sight. Buy the Penomet, you will not regret it!!!”

Scott – Essex, United Kingdom

“I wasn’t happy with the size of my penis and I didn’t feel like I was satisfying my wife enough. After extensive research on websites and forums I decided to purchase the Penomet Premium. I love the interchangeable gaiters, they give my workouts variety and I can choose the level of pressure that I want. The feeling of expansion that I get when pumping is great, I literally feel myself growing. When I finish a session look like a different person. The first time I had sex straight after using the Penomet was amazing. I actually thought I entered the wrong hole and my wife begged me for more after I finished (this had never happened before). I have only been using the Penomet for a short time but I am happy with the results so far, even if they are temporary at the moment. I know it will take time but bring on the permanent results.”

Paul – Japan

“I love Penomet! Has worked great since the very beginning. Notice results right off the bat. Thicker, harder, longer erections! With the exercises you can get online the results are permanent! Would and have recommended to friends. Will continue to use it because the results speak for themselves!!!”

Andrew – Massachusetts, United States

“I have used other pump systems in the past and one common problem I had was over pumping. This can lead to the head becoming blistered. With the Penomet system, you can achieve the perfect pump every time with no over pumping issues. This works great for me in the morning when I shower. I have had mine for 5 months and have seen a 1/8″ gain in girth and length. Now this may not seem like a lot, but it’s like building muscle, it takes time. The only issue I have is I want to pump all the time for that full, thick feeling!”

James – North Carolina, USA

“I’ve been aware of male enhancement for a while. In fact I’ve used a competitor’s pump before, which switched me on to the safety of hydropumps; but it had limitations. I was unable to adjust the pressure as my penis got used to it.
I rapidly reached maximum girth, leaving painful ‘rings’ on my penis as it was pinched by the gaiter.
Changing to Penomet solved these problems. The extra girth and length of the pump offered additional growth opportunity. The inter-changeable gaiters have given me more scope to strategically increase the pressures my penis is exposed to in a structured, progressive way not offered elsewhere.
The confidence element has been my unexpected gain; knowing that just a short pumping session will leave a noticeable results has really made a difference.
Finally, when I had a query with my order it was resolved nice and professionally, leaving me v. happy with Penomet.”

Luke – London, United Kingdom

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