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Terms & Conditions

See below for our terms & conditions.

To contact us please send an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you quickly regarding your questions and answers in a timely manner.

All orders only include the minimum required information for payment and fulfillment. The company does not store your credit card number since KORTA and SIX PAYMENT SOLUTIONS are our trusted payment solution partners that handle all credit card information.

Information stored in our database includes customer names, addresses and unique identification numbers. After the product has been shipped to a customer we store this data for up to 800 days unless a customer emails us at [email protected] and requests removal from the database (this also voids the warranty).

It is necessary for the company to keep this data on hand because of after sale service and warrantees. After the warranty expires we delete all electronic order information but store printed receipts for 7 years, according to accounting legislation.

When an order has been placed and payment received the order will be shipped the following weekday.

If you order on Monday you can expect the product to arrive on Wednesday/Tuesday depending on the area you live in. Since this is a parcel shipment you need to be at home to receive the product, otherwise you can pick it up at your local post office, after you have received a notice from the postal service.

If the product is not in stock we will contact you and offer you a refund, or you can be placed on a waiting list. Our waiting list tend to be short as our stocks in our main warehouses around the world are high at all times.

Shipping costs are included in the product price unless otherwise stated. Our of Service area is automatically detected and a surcharge of USD 30 is applied for territories or international destinations that bare higher than normal shipping costs.

The following are the conditions that must be adhered to in order for a product to be returned and refunded. These terms and conditions can be found on the official website and were updated as of 5th February 2016.

1. Any return or refund request must first be raised in writing by contacting [email protected] and requesting an RMA reference number. Failure to request an RMA or returning an item(s) without having filed an RMA request could result in your refund request being denied.

2. We want our customers to have the best chance of getting the most from their Penomet device, and the 60-day money-back guarantee is designed with this in mind. To qualify for the 60-day guarantee you are required to use your device for a minimum of one calendar month from the date of receipt before a return is allowed under this policy. If you make use of this offer and purchase again later, this offer will not be available in order to prevent abuse of the policy.

3. The 60-day money-back guarantee applies only to Penomet Standard, Penomet Extra, and Penomet Premium. Other items such as extra gaiters and any other accessories or upgrades purchased separately or at the same time as your Penomet Standard/Extra/Premium are not covered by the 60-day guarantee. However, these extra items may be returned and refunded if the return/refund request is filed within 14 days of receipt AND the item(s) have not been used and are in their original packaging.

4. A refund RMA request can be initiated at any time within the specified return and warranty period of the receipt of your purchase

5. Any items must be returned unused or sanitized prior to shipment due to strict health and hygiene conditions. Failure to do so could result in your return being seized by your selected shipping provider and (as a result) your refund being denied.

6. All product packaging (except the original brown cardboard box) must be included when returning item(s). Failure to include the white Penomet product boxes may result in a full or partial refund being denied.

7. Replacement items are exempt from the 60 day money back guarantee clause.

8. All refunds exclude the original and return shipping fee, whist also attracting a handling fee. Orders attract a handling fees of the following amounts: 40 USD / 28 GBP / 36 EUR / 56 CAD (depending on the purchase currency). These deductions will be reflected in the final return amount when processed and is used to cover the cost of hygenic processing and destruction of your used Penomet device.

9. Penomet reserves the right to deny a partial or full refund if the RMA document is not emailed and included with the returned merchandise or is not completed fully e.g. signature or date is missing.

10. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the returned item(s) reach our returns department and that all items from the originally order are returned. Proof of the return being sent and evidence of the item(s) delivery at final destination (in the form of shipping tracking) may be requested in the event that the return is not received.

11. On the successful receipt of all returned item(s) that were originally purchased, the RMA will be processed within 5-10 business days and a refund issued to the card holder within a further 5-10 business days. If you have not received your refund within 20 business days of your returned product being recieved, please contact our customer support team via our online support portal.

12. Refunds can and will only be issued to the original purchase/payment card

The following are the conditions that must be adhered to in order for a product to be returned and replaced due to an item(s) being defective. These terms and conditions can be found on the official website and were updated as of 1st September 2019.

1. Any return or request for a replacement item(s) due to the item(s) being defective must first be raised in writing by contacting [email protected] and requesting an RMA reference number. Failure to request an RMA or returning an item(s) without having filed an RMA request could result in your replacement request being denied.

2. Any Penomet cylinders found to be defective as a result of appropriate use, can be returned (following the correct RMA procedure having contacted our support department) and replaced free of charge if within the allocated 3 year warranty period.

3. Replacement cylinders can be purchased by contacting our customer support team in the event the item is broken or damaged outside of the 3 year warranty period.

4. All gaiters attract a lifetime replacement guarantee unless found to be defective as a result of incorrect cleaning – gaiters cleaned using a non-water based lube will void your warranty.

5. Items other than the Penomet cylinder and gaiter(s) are exempt from our warranty period and if found to be defective on receipt must will be replaced free of charge within 14 days of receipt.

The 60-day MBG only applies to items bought directly through

By placing and order at Penomet, you declare that you are of the appropriate legal age to purchase the items. If we discover that you are not legally entitled to order certain goods, your order will not be completed.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any order, verify verbally or asking to verify the order by telephone, fax or or by email any order. We reserve the right not to dispatch any order that we feel that is fraudulent and refund any amount charged.

VAT is not charged for orders originating in the European Union or Norway. VAT/GRT/MwST is charged in the following locations:

Switzerland – 8% MwST (Included in the purchase price)
United States – 2.07% GRT (Orders from the State of Delaware only)
Other countries – 0% VAT

In some instances when the Payment Provider, such as, or is located in the European Union, the Member State VAT, as it is at each time, is applied and included in the total purchase price. A VAT/GRT/MwST/Pt.IVA receipt can be obtained by contacting Customer Support at any time.

You can rest assured that your transaction is safe and secure with both data protection and that your personal information is kept safe.

Penomet and all of its accessories and products are FDA 510(k) exempt under classification LKY 876.5020 and intended for novelty use only in compliance with regulations governing Penile Rigidity Devices. Penomet is manufactured with highest standards and is GAP compliant. Requests for documents can be made to [email protected]

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You can upgrade from Penomet Standard or Extra to Premium at anytime using the following upgrade links:
Penomet Standard to Premium Upgrade
Penomet Extra to Premium Upgrade
Please note we do not offer an upgrade from Penomet Standard to Penomet Extra.
Once purchased, your warranty period extends to 3 years however by upgrading your Money Back Guarantee is no longer valid due to the assumption that you are happy with your Penomet product and that by upgrading you are not going to return or seek a refund for your purchase.

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