Sex Pills For Men – Is It Safe?

The use of sex pills, otherwise known as male enhancement pills, might become important to you if you’re seeking ways to increase your libido or the size of your penis. Several advertisements show different sex pills for men and how they can drastically influence changes in men’s sexual life, but there are no evidence and scientific proofs that these pills do what they claim to do. Except for those recognized by the FDA, if you are in the US, over-the-counter sex pills do not have any evidence that they work (1).

Most men who want to increase the size of their penis do so because they think they have a small penis size. A 2017 study titled “Erect Penile Length and Circumference Dimensions of 1,661 Sexually Active Men in the United States” by Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH, Michael Reece, PhD, MPH, Vanessa Schick, PhD, and Stephanie A. Sanders, PhD, showed that the average penis size is about 14.15 centimetres, that is 5.5 inches, and that a penis is only considered small if it is less than 3 inches when erect (1)(2). Most men who claim they have a small penis have the average penis size, as the study showed.

If you’re interested in using sex pills because you are experiencing problems having and maintaining an erection, the first point of contact should be your doctor or a urologist. Your doctor should be the one to decide if you have erectile dysfunction and proceed to know the best form of treatment suitable for your condition.


What are Sex pills for men?

Sex Pills for Men

Male sex pills are drugs that are made with a combination of natural ingredients like maca root, black ginger extract, and ashwagandha. Their primary aim is to increase blood flow to the penis to boost the duration of an erection, stamina, performance, and overall arousal of the individual.

The ingredients that are used to make these sex pills are known to increase energy and libido. They also aid in reducing stress. Black ginger has been found to increase physical fitness performance and muscular endurance (1).

Even though studies have been carried out to show the effectiveness of these ingredients, there is still no data to support the potency of these male sex pills. E. Charles Osterberg, MD, FACS, a board-certified urologist regarding the issue of men’s sex pills, has this to say, “I always caution patients about these medications, as many of them haven’t been studied in a controlled manner.”

There are indeed licensed sex pills that can help improve men’s sexual life, making it easier to keep erections and helping men last longer before orgasm, but there are also non-licensed pills out there, including herbal products. These pills have not been proven to work and can be dangerous if they contain a combination of ingredients that can pose a threat to the body (3).

Sex pills should only be prescribed and recommended by certified doctors and not bought over-the-counter. 

Also, sex pills are only for those with a sex-related problem, not for those who want to improve their sex life. For normal improvement of your sexual life, you can see a sex therapist or get counseling along this line. A deep talk with your partner may even be all you need. Letting her know your sexual needs and what you want may boost your sex life more than medications.

So when should you use sex pills, and to what extent are they safe? Find out as you keep reading.


When should you consider Sex pills medication? 

Sex pill medications should be considered when you have sex-related problems like:

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Premature ejaculation

The first approach to these health issues should be to seek expert medical advice from your doctor or urologist. It is not advisable to visit pharmacies or chemists to get pills as some of these medications lack credibility and can lead to several other health complications.

Some sex-related health issues can be cured without pills; a lifestyle change can boost your sexual life appreciably. 

How then do you determine when you need pills or a change of lifestyle? If you are having symptoms of erectile dysfunctions such as:

  • Low or weak erections
  • Penis fracture and pains
  • Inability to get an erection
  • Low sexual desire

You should see a urologist who will help determine what form of treatment is best for you. Among the prescribed treatment may be the use of different types of sex pills.

But, if you are:

  • Not happy with your sexual life 
  • Having trouble with premature ejaculation, orgasm, or any other emotionally sex-related issue, see a sex therapist (4). 

Most of these issues do not need a sex pill. A simple orientation or change of lifestyle can be the solution.


Do Sex pills work?

Man taking pills before sex

Because the majority of the sex and male enhancement pills out there do not have the approval of the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), there are no scientific proofs to show if they work or not (1).

Even though most of the ingredients used in producing these pills have been studied with respect to their effectiveness on erectile dysfunction (ED), these studies do not show or support the effectiveness that sex pills for men claim to have (1).

One reason why over-the-counter sex pills might not be perfect for your sex life is that no diagnosis or test was carried out before the prescription. As stated earlier, not all sex issues are cured with pills. 

“Psychogenic ED is when the erectile tissue and properties work just fine, but there may be some other reason why that individual’s having trouble with erections, whether it be performance anxiety, stress, or situation related,” says Osterberg (1).


Risks and side effects of using over-the-counter sex pill medication

Some over-the-counter sex pills contain similar ingredients in drugs like Viagra or Cialis but can lead to issues like a drop in blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other ailments (5).

Many of these sex pills are not always regulated by agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US and may not be subject to similar quality testing as the medications you get from reputable doctors (5).

The following are some of the side effects of using over-the-counter sex pills are:

  • Permanent urinary problems
  • Severe drop in blood pressure
  • Urethra damage
  • Permanent difficulty in getting and maintaining erections
  • They can cause penis fracture and bleeding.

There are high risks in using sex pills. So many sex pill producers are not transparent about the constituents of their drugs. It is risky to use drugs with unknown ingredients as they can result in adverse effects, as already mentioned.

Before trying out new pills, make sure you speak with your doctor about the ingredients of the medicines and how they can potentially affect your overall health (1).


Erectile dysfunction (ED) 

Man with erectile dysfunction during sex with her partner looking disappointed

This is one of the most common sexual issues men face. If you have erectile dysfunction problems, see a doctor to get an accurate prescription for ED medication. The most common pills for treating erectile dysfunctions are Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis. These pills have been certified by the FDA and hence do not have adverse effects. Even still, they should still be prescribed by a doctor.

Several studies have been carried out on sildenafil which is the most active ingredient in Viagra. These studies have shown that about 95 percent of men who used the pill experienced an improvement in their sexual life.

To know more about ED, you can read more here.


Are ED pills safe?

Yes. The medical community vets erectile dysfunction pills as being safe for patients and can result in a tremendous boost to their sexual life.

Just as is the case with every other medication, ED pills can interact with other medications and lead to other health issues. Medications such as nitrates can react with ED sex pills and cause unfavorable health challenges. This is why self-medication is seriously frowned upon by medical practitioners.

Generally, ED pills are safe but can cause mild effects like:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Headaches
  • Rash
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach upset
  • Dizziness
  • Flushing
  • Sight-related issues

Erection lasting more than 4 hours is severely dangerous and can lead to permanent damage to the penis. Someone with this issue should seek medical attention immediately (6).

According to medical experts, 70 percent of men who use erectile dysfunction pills would likely have good results in their sexual life. The quality of results, as well as the time it takes to effect changes, depends on the level of severity of the preexisting condition.


Generic vs branded sex pills for men.

Due to several advertising mediums, branded name medications have gotten more public awareness than generic producers. They are most likely the first you will see in the market and are more expensive than their generic counterparts. Most generic sex pill products are imitations of branded products. This is why newer branded products do not have generic versions because the patent has not been released, and it takes time to get these patents (6).

Generics are copycats of most branded pills, and in some cases, they work almost the same way, as long as the ingredients and method are used to produce them. Some even have the same dosage and side effects instructions on their labels. Individuals and even insurance companies that wish to save money might go for these generic versions instead of the branded ones (6).

This is why you must visit a certified pharmacy to purchase your sex pills. Reputable pharmacies only sell erectile dysfunction pills when you have a prescription from a doctor. Do not purchase erectile dysfunction pills from online stores that do not require a prescription.

ED pills sold illegally stand the chance of containing dangerous ingredients that may be dangerous to the health.


Other forms of medication for male sexual enhancement

Man with big penis

Other forms of medication can cure sexual health problems for men, such as erectile dysfunctions. 

The following sex pills and sex devices have been certified by agencies in charge of men’s sexual health, and they are safe to use.

  • Lemonaid
  • Roman
  • Eddie by Giddy
  • Penomet
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Extender devices
  • Lotions

The Penomet has had great success in helping men with ED have a more productive sex life. Owning a Penomet Penis Pump might be all you need to have an amazing sex life even if you have erectile dysfunction or have been diagnosed with Peyronies disease.

Note, there are some sexual issues that only a surgical operation can cure. No amount of sex pills can cause a change. Penile surgery is only recommended for treating an injury or correcting a defect (1).

For increasing the size of a penis, surgery is not recommended, and no professional doctor would advise surgery for penis lengthening. Surgery cannot increase the size of the penis. It can only decrease it. The only surgery that can increase the penis size is cutting the suspensory ligament of the penis, which is highly not recommended.


In conclusion

There is no evidence that sex pills for men can increase the size of the penis or increase performance. Many sex pills can be very harmful especially generic pills.

If you are still experiencing issues after using the pills, you should stop and see your doctor to determine better treatment options. There are many erectile dysfunction pills out there, but to use them would require you to get a prescription from a doctor.

It will be in your best interest to always seek professional medical attention before trying any sex pills out there. Even if you are sure you have any erectile dysfunction-related issues, do not go for self-medication or subscribe to unverified herbal medications. Talk with a urologist, carry out tests, and let the experts handle your medical condition and prescribe the best form of treatment to you.

Not all ED require surface treatment; some can be an indication of an underlying medical condition that over-the-counter sex pills wouldn’t cure (1).