A penis is curved if, when erect, it tilts or bends either slightly or sharply to one side or the other. A curved penis is not always a sign of trouble or erectile dysfunction. In most cases, the curvature is absolutely normal. So don’t get panic-stricken if you have a curved penis. Several indices should be ticked off alongside the shape of your penis before you can conclude that you have Peyronie’s disease.


An erect penis’s direction depends on the crus of the penis the proportion of the penis attached to the pubis. Men with shorter crus have a longer penis and are most likely to have an erection that points downward, while those with longer crus will have an erection pointing upward or outward. At times the penis could bend to the left or right slightly or sharply. Whichever way the penis curves, it should not be a deterrent for a relationship (1).


A curved penis is not a case of sexual malfunctioning, and in most cases, the majority of men with well-pronounced curves do not have a problem in bed. However, the curvature of the penis will likely determine the sex position to adopt for a better orgasm. In some cases, a man may have Peyronie’s disease, making sex impossible (1).


Peyronie’s disease


This disease is a condition that is caused by fibrous scar tissue that develops on the penis. Penises affected by the disease are often curved and give painful erections. But that a penis is curved does not mean it has the disease. The condition is noncancerous, but it can cause significant bend or pain in some men (2).


PD can prevent a man from having sex, difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction), as well as stress and anxiety.


Peyronie’s disease does not go on its own and can even get worse with time. The actual cause of this sickness is not known. Early treatment after discovering the condition would likely help to improve or stop it from getting worse.


It is advisable to see a Urologist if you notice PD symptoms, like when your penis suddenly begins to curve and when you have a painful erection. Some men are embarrassed by their condition and shy away from getting the requisite help. Urologists are trained to help men with this problem, and the sooner a man with PD sees a doctor, the better for him.


What causes a curved penis?


Blood flows into sponge-like spaces inside the penis whenever sexual arousal occurs. This makes the penis expand and stiffen. When arousal occurs and the spaces in the penis do not expand, then a curve occurs in the penis. As earlier mentioned, this can happen due to normal anatomy differences in men, but also curved penis can occur as a result of a scarred tissue or other problems that may lead to painful erections.


Other reasons why a penis may be curved are:

  • Fibrous tissue abnormality
  • Direct injury to the penis
  • Autoimmune disorders


The list of causes shown above is just from general findings. To get an appropriate diagnosis, please visit a doctor if need be.


Is a curved penis always a result of a disease?

Curved penises could be a result of a disease or just a normal health defect. The major symptoms to look out for if you have a curved penis are painful erections or the inability to have sex. Most curved penises are not the results of disease and, as such, do not cause pain during erection.



Natural remedies for straightening a curved penis


A curved penis can be straightened in either of two ways:

  • Naturally
  • By Surgery


The good news is that it’s very easy to straighten and is fixed 99.9% of the time without having to go for surgery, use injections or drugs (4). 


Penis traction therapy is the foremost recommended method for straightening a curved penis. Surgery is usually used when natural treatments like traction therapy do not work or if the penis is extremely deformed.


Aside from the penis traction method, there are other ways of naturally straightening a penis a curved penis. Still, even if the curvature is congenital, the top choice of treatment is penis traction therapy (PTT) (4). 


Penile traction therapy


Penile or Penis Traction Therapy (PTT) was first introduced in 1994 by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, MD. Dr. Jorn also invented the modern penis traction device. He was a penis surgery specialist who studied at the School of Medicine, University of Copenhagen.


He first developed the device to keep men’s penises straight after performing a penis straightening surgery. Further in his research, he discovered that the device could straighten the penis all by itself without performing any surgery at all.


This discovery began a whole new chapter for straightening curved penises. The question was if the PTT could replace surgery. For some men, the answer was yes, while for others, it was no.


So, the penis traction device could straighten a curved penis, but not for all men. It is advised to see your doctor know the exact treatment that would work for you.


So far, this method has had over 99% success in treating curved penis cases. 


Penis straightening exercise: How does PTT work?


The procedure is quite simple. If you notice your penis is curved to one side when it is erect, this is because one side of the shaft is shorter than the other. That is the reason for the curve.


The penile traction device gives an even and straight pull to the entire shaft (4).

The shorter parts get pulled to the same length as the longer shaft. This stretch continues until both shafts are equal. This is how the device works.


In summary, traction therapy does two things:

  • It causes the short hard tissue to become more flexible and elastic so that it becomes stretchable.
  • It causes tiny tears in the shorter tissue that are visible only through a microscope.


The tiny tears get healed quickly with the introduction of new cells. This is done repeatedly until the cyclical cellular growth forms new measurable tissues that are permanent. 


As the shorter tissues are stretched alongside the newly developed tissues within the scar, the erections are then stretched more evenly and straightens out the curves.


Medications, when do you need medications?

Medications such as the Xiaflex injection are also another way of straightening a curved penis. Verapamil is the most famous of the injections to use for treating curved penises.


You can use medications when the traction therapy does not give positive results. It is always advised that the first approach to straightening a curved penis should be natural methods such as the PTT method; upon low or unresponsiveness to treatment, the medication or surgery method (for extreme cases) can be used.


When do you need surgery?


You only need surgery when the natural method has yielded no results or when the case has been diagnosed to be an extreme case by a doctor. Only go for surgery on the recommendation of a professional doctor.


Penile traction vs. penis pump


Penile traction therapy uses mechanical forces to increase the length of the penis or to straighten it (5). You can use the PTT before an actual penile implant surgery or for patients with Peyronie’s disease. 


A penis pump, on the other hand, is generally a cylinder, pump, and construction ring (5). These components all work together to create a vacuum that leads to an erection. The penis pump is mostly used to cure erectile dysfunction issues with a low or weak erection. It can also help men with Peyronie’s disease.


The Penomet (penis pump) as a hydro pump

The Penomet is a revolutionary penis pump that strives to give customers just what they need to lengthen their penis. This tested device is not your regular penis pump machine that hopelessly does not yield results. The Penomet is backed by more than ten years of real-life usage and testing.


The device works best with water. While conventional penis pumps work based on air compression and expansion without affecting equal enlargement of the penis, the Penomet hydro pump solves this by ensuring equal volume and pressure inside the cylinder. This is achieved by using water instead of air. The results are mind-blowing!


The Penomet was designed so that the pump stops compression, the non-return valve at the end of the cylinder closes, and the gaiter expands. This mechanism ensures that an equal amount of pressure is applied to the penis.


 You can safely increase the device’s pressure to your suiting, which can ensure that you get quicker and better results. This is in contrast to conventional vacuum pumps pedaled in the market. They have a fixed single gaiter setting, so there is no room for adjustment to suit your needs.


Penomet comes as a very handy tool in straightening curved penises as well as enlarging and increasing the length.


To use this device:

  • You have to first choose a detachable pressure gaiter. You can begin with the purple one or the one with the lowest hardness.
  • Attach your selected gaiter to the main Penomet cylinder.
  • Apply the Penomet over your penis. You can do this in the shower.
  •  Pump the Penomet gently until the vacuum seal is created.
  • Re-pump a few more times when you see your penile tissue has expanded into the unit. Do this to maintain a secure seal.
  • Keep re-pumping every few minutes while you relax. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • When you are done for the day, gently remove the Penomet by pressing the valve lightly at the end of the Penomet cylinder to any side. You can do this slowly or very quickly.
  • As you master and become more familiar with your Penomet device, you can start using stronger gaiters for increased pressure and best results.
  • Use at least five times per week for maximum results.


In Conclusion


Panicking is not the best approach when you discover you have a curved erection. Panic can lead to other illnesses and even psychological breakdowns. Ensure your partner is aware of your penis condition, and if it is a cause for concern during intercourse, you can proceed to see a doctor.


Not all cases of curves in the penis are signs of trouble or Peyronie’s disease. Some men have enjoyed their sex life with curved penises, and it has never been a cause for worry. If you do not experience pains during erection and don’t have trouble during intercourse, then the shape or even size of your penis should be the least of your concern.


Sexual satisfaction has been discovered not to be hinged on these attributes. Though the curvature of your penis may dictate the sex position, you would likely just have to adapt to ensure you have a better sex life. Try new positions till you know which works best for you.


If you need to see a doctor or use the remedies discussed in this article, please do not hesitate to do so.



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