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Powerful Penomet Exercises

Penomet is an incredibly powerful way to enlarge your penis quickly and effortlessly.

By utilizing our revolutionary and unique interchangeable gaiter system, you can change the pressure setting between the inside and outside of the cylinder providing you with the ability to effectively increase the size of your member.

We want to ensure you are using your Penomet device effectively – with this in mind we’ve written an effective, detailed routine of exercises that will maximise the results you can achieve when undertaking a workout.

Example Exercise:

The Gaiter Week

This simple to remember routine involves using a set gaiter for each week, 15-30 minutes a day for five days a week. We always recommend that you start with the lowest color (purple) and alternative from Purple 60 to Blue 65 twice.

Week 1: Mon to Fri using Purple 60

Week 2: Mon to Fri using Blue 65

Week 3: Mon to Fri using Purple 60

Week 4: Mon to Fri using Blue 65

Week 5: Mon to Fri using Blue 65

Week 6: Mon to Fri using Black 70

Week 7: Mon to Fri using Grey 75

Week 8: Mon to Fri using Black 70

Week 9: Mon to Fri using Grey 75

Week 10: Mon to Fri alternate Red 80 & Grey 75

Note: When doing this workout, you maximize the potential growth of your penis by 80% over traditional water or air pumping. However, as with any type of penis exercise, we recommend that if you at any time feel discomfort to reduce the length of time you use the device, or change to a lower gaiter setting/routine. The alternating Purple 60 / Blue 65 is an intense workout, so if you feel that you need more time with that set, continue that combination for a few more weeks before going to the Black 70 and stronger gaiters.

Don’t limit your penis enlargement potential; order your Penomet device today and take advantage of the only truly adaptable penis pump on the market!

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