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Exercises to Boost Your Libido As a Man

As much as you know that working out and regular exercise is a good healthy habit, you should also add this to your wealth of knowledge – ” Certain exercises can help you have better sex.”

For men who have had issues in the past with low libido, aside from other remedial therapies, exercising must have been part of the suggestions they received from medical and health experts or even friends.

If you are still doubting if exercising boosts libido, the answer is yes; regular exercising does help boost libido. There are several types of exercises out there, and you wouldn’t want to be confused about which is most suitable for attaining a better sex life. In this article, we have carefully put together five top exercises every man needs to boost his sexual drive.

We all can agree that a sudden decline in sex drive can be very frustrating, especially in men who are naturally very sexually active. There is no doubt that testosterone levels have significant impacts on a man’s sex drive. Late nights, spending long hours at work as well as relationship and marital issues can all have substantial effects on libido.

So, before you hit the drugstore in search of libido-boosting pills, you should try out some natural alternative like exercising regularly and intentionally. Most times, the quickest ways to get things done are not the most effective (3). Many men have had significant improvements using these simple exercise tips in this article, and their sex life has improved very well over time.

As earlier said, libido aside, you should learn to exercise regularly. Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. Good and regular exercise helps you keep a sane mind, a healthy look, fit and happy. People who exercise a lot are always happy; studies have shown.

What are the 5 top exercises that will help boost your libido as a man?

First things first – No one is guaranteed over-the-night changes when you begin exercising. Just as it is with building your body muscles, it takes a lot of time, patience, dedication, and commitment. The results are always sure once you’re consistent with the following exercises.

1. Heavy Weight Lifting

Studies have shown that weight lifting helps the body produce more testosterone, which helps increase sex drive in males. Since an excellent testosterone level means great sex drive, then engaging in testosterone-increasing exercises is key to up your libido as a man.

Let’s assume you already take strength training exercises as part of your daily fitness routine. All you need is a little tweaking, and your strength training exercise would have been ‘configured’ with a testosterone-producing potential (3).

The following tweaks will help you get the most out of your routine:

Focus on working out all the major muscle groups in the body, particularly the legs, because it has the largest muscle in the body.

  • Keep rest between time sets short.
  • Do fewer reps with heavier weights (3).

With push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches, the shoulders, chest, and abs can be strengthened to increase the stamina needed for intercourse (2).

2. Yoga

Practicing yoga gives you the chance to explore creative sex positions that can lead to maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse. Regular yoga exercises will help improve your pelvic muscles and help you become more flexible.

Statistics from a few years ago showed that in America alone, the number of men doing yoga grew from 4 million to 10 million in the space of 4 years. The sudden interest of guys in yoga can effortlessly be traced to the health benefits the exercise affords the body, including improved sexual health (3).

Tantra yoga, a type of yoga, has a history of being used by couples who want to spice up their sex life generously. Since all kinds of yoga exercises do possess the potential to increase libido in men, we are not limiting you to take tantra yoga only. Spend time to explore and increase the flexibility of your body and muscles.

Studies have shown that yoga helps with premature ejaculation, and it has been recommended as a safe and effective non-pharmacological option. Ayurvedic yoga practitioners have also claimed that the practice helps with various sexual-related disorders (1).

3. Kegels

If you think this is an exercise for women, you had better think again. This exercise helps a man attain better sexual endurance and control during intercourse. Kegel helps men strengthen the body’s pelvic floor muscles, leading to improved and better sex (2).

To practice Kegels, begin by interrupting the flow of urine while urinating. This will help you get familiar with the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. After this, you can practice Kegels anytime and anywhere by squeezing the PC muscles. Hold on for at least 10 seconds and release. Relax and repeat for as many reps as you can before you’re exhausted.

4. Swimming

This epic exercise helps in building your muscles. Good muscles increase your endurance level. Regularly go for a swim; it helps to improve the overall fitness of your body. While other exercises tend to wear and tear you out, swimming is one exercise that keeps you fit and sturdy without having to do any ‘damage’ to your body muscles and tissues.

A study in Harvard records that 160 swimmers who participated in the study all had extraordinary sex lives in their 60s compared to non-swimmers in their 40s (2). Truly, regular swimming can improve your sex drive and give you a happy time in the bedroom.

Long-distance swimming is an excellent exercise to help you develop good stamina and endurance. Swimming helps in reducing your weight; this can also lead to higher libido.

Swimming for 30 minutes three times a week is a good boost for any man’s libido. You should try it out.

5. Walking

Walking 30 minutes every day may decrease the risk of erectile dysfunction in men by up to 41%, a Harvard study shows (1). “Fast walking, aerobic activities, and running helps your sex life for the same reason that they prevent heart attacks,” says McCall (2).

Walking helps keep your vessels pure, burns at least 200 calories, lowers the risk of ED, aids longer erections, among other amazing things. Endorphins are released when you walk briskly or run. Interestingly, these endorphins are essential for a libido boost.

On a final note...

In all your exercising, don’t forget to rest. The tendency always comes for you to overdo it, especially when you want quick results. You have to relax your mind and keep your focus on the process, not on the results. With time, the results would be all too glaring to you and your partner. That said, don’t negate the place of good rest, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. Also, it is not clear how often men should exercise to boost their libido. Some research suggests 2 hours of strenuous exercises, 3 hours of moderate exercise, and 6 hours of light exercise daily or three times a week. Whichever one you choose to adopt, keep consistency in mind!


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