The debate of whether penis size really matters in having a fulfilling sexual session has gone on for an unimaginable period. Most times, men worry about their penis size more than their partners who are receiving the penis. This is ironic because, in the real sense,  the women should be a bit more concerned. 


The size of the male sexual organ does not affect its sensitivity or ability to enjoy sex in any way. On the other hand, it is the woman that might suffer. The woman is unlikely to enjoy deep penetration and get deep cervical stimulation if the penis isn’t well-sized. 


In reality, penis size doesn’t always matter. At least, not in the way most people believe it does. Most men are not satisfied with the size of their man tool; they want it longer and longer. Little do they know that big penises have their disadvantages, and it does not always guarantee great sex or maximum satisfaction to partners.


Truth be told, there is nothing much to a big penis than the appraisals: “I have a big dick,” “he has a huge penis,” which is quite desirable since it feeds your ego as a man. Fun fact though, an average penis or one a little below average will provide maximum satisfaction if you know how to use it well. 


What really matters?


Related to size, the girth of the penis goes a long way in satisfying your woman. Different surveys have proven that women prefer shorter penises that are fat to long penises that are slim. This is because fatter penises give the satisfaction of containment, the feeling of fullness in the vagina.


Therefore, as much as a long penis is something most men wish to have. If the thickness is missing, you may still not be able to satisfy women in bed.


Pros and Cons of different Penis sizes


When we talk about penis size, we often talk about the length of it. Most men feel they have smaller penises when they actually fall in the average category.  The erect penis size of most men — 68 percent — is between 4.6 and 6 inches long. About 16 percent of men have an erect penis size longer than 6.1 inches, and of those, only 2.5 percent are over 6.9 inches. About 16 percent of men have an erect penis size that’s shorter than 4.5 inches, with only 2.5 percent of those under 3.7 inches. (1). 


Different penis sizes have their advantages and disadvantages:- Some of them are discussed below:


Bigger Penises

Men with penises that are 6.1 inches long and above are classified to have big penises. Here are the pros and cons;



1. You can enjoy deep penetration easily: Deep penetration involves stimulating the cervix by penetrating deep into the vagina. Deep penetration gives another level of sexual pleasure to both partners. It is easier for longer penises to attain this feat. 

2. It Boosts Confidence: Men with bigger penises tend to be more confident in and even out of bed. This may be due to the popular school of thought that size equals value.

“Every single advantage that I can think of relating to the size of my penis is directly related to that single pro. I get to feel cool about it. I don’t generally talk about it, but I know that it’s big and I get to hold that silly nugget of masculine value in my head forever” (2). says Tom Robinson, a  writer on Quora.

In bed, confidence can boost your sexual performance as a man. 

3. Trying different sex positions: There are numerous sex positions today, and there will be new ones too. Some sex positions are most effective and fun to try with only longer penises. 



  • More focus on foreplay is advised to get your partner entirely aroused before penetration.
  • If you’re both ready to move onto penetration, choose positions that allow your partner a little more control over the depth. Having them on top is always a good way to go. (3).



1. Higher risk of injury: Bigger penises are more likely to cause injury to the vagina than smaller penises. Most times, men with big penises cannot enjoy the adventure of rough sex as they may end up causing injury to their partners.

You should completely arouse your partner with foreplay before penetration; this makes the penetration easier. Also, enough lubrication is needed to avoid causing too much pain in the vagina.

2. It may be hard to get sex: Having a big penis is nice. Girls may “wow” at the sight of it and talk about it among themselves, giving you more popularity and easy hookups. But the case may be reversed if the penis is too big. 

After gasping at the size of your monstrous penis, she may be too scared to have it in her. And those that dare to try may run after a few trials if penetration becomes unbearably painful. Nobody wants to end up with a torn vagina.

3. Fitting Condoms: XL-sized condoms are not so common on the counters as regular-sized condoms, so you may have a difficult time finding the perfect condom for your penis. Consistent breakage may occur when trying condoms. Also, you may experience extreme discomfort using regular-sized condoms. 

4. Oral sex problems: Enjoying a blowjob may be hard for men with big penises. Choking and gag reflexes may cause sex partners to vomit on your penis while trying to deep throat. You may be lucky to find an expert sexual partner anyway.


Smaller Penises

A penis is said to be small if it falls between 4.5 and  3.7 inches when completely erect. The pros and cons include;



1. Easy to handle: Smaller penises are much easier to handle generally. During penetrative sex and blowjobs, it is easy to play around with them.

2. Reduced risk of injury: There is a lower chance of injuring your partner during sex if you have a smaller penis. You can also enjoy rough sex better than people with bigger penises.

3. Best for anal sex: A small penis is the best for anal sex. It is easier and less painful. Therefore, pleasure is felt more than in bigger penises where the pain may be more than pleasure for your partner. 



1. Lack of confidence: Because men think women care so much about their penis size, they may become less confident about having sex and most likely flop. Men should know that size isn’t all that is needed to enjoy sex. You can satisfy a woman even with a small penis if you know your way. 

2. Deep penetration may be impractical: Deep penetration sex may not be feasible with much smaller penises. 



  • Explore sex positions that allow you to go deep into the vagina. Deep penetration styles can allow you to go deeper in the vagina even though you may not reach the cervix.
  • If your penis is really slim, there are sex toys that can help add artificial girth to your penis to provide the fullness your partner may need to feel in her vagina. 


Average Penises

Average Penises fall between the bigger and smaller size ranges. If your penis size is in this category, it means your penis is neither too big nor too small. Lucky you!. This is the best class to be in.



  • You are on the best side available. Explore!. Try different sex positions, and easily adjust when necessary.


When to worry about your Penis size


Some people are born with super small penises called micropenis. These penises are usually about 3.6 inches and below when completely erect. There are treatment options, but you will need to see a doctor for diagnosis since it is a medical condition.


Other important things that matter apart from penis size


Most people believe a penis has to be relatively big to please a woman in bed. The untold fact is that a lot of other factors affect the satisfaction and pleasure enjoyed from sex. A few of them are discussed below:



Complete arousal on both sides contributes a lot to the result of sexual intercourse. If you and your partner are entirely in the mood, extremely orgasmic sexual intercourse is bound to happen.


Medical conditions

People with premature ejaculation problems or erectile dysfunction may not be able to satisfy their partners in bed.


Physical conditions

Stress, anxiety, and other temporary conditions may reduce the efficiency of a man during sex.




A bigger penis isn’t automatically a doorway to great sex. sex can be enjoyed with the different sizes of penises; you just have to know your way around the vagina, know your partner, and how to satisfy them.


Also, you can spice up your sexual sessions with sex toys and intense foreplay to increase arousal, an essential factor to great sex.