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The most common misunderstanding about Penis Extenders, is that somehow magically your penis will get not only longer while wearing a traction device under your pants, but that magically it will increase your girth tremendously. 

If you think about it, how can the penis get fatter while being pulled into a single direction? 

penis extenders

Should you buy a penis extender device?

Should I get a Penis Extender or a Penis Pump?

In all honesty, you’re really comparing apples and oranges when it comes between choosing one or the other. Extenders are perfect, given enough time and dedicating of extending your penis by a fraction of an inch. At the same time, Penomet can with a dedicated user expand your penis both in length and girth by at least an inch in the same timeframe.

Some assembly required

When I read the promotional messages put out there into the world by these companies, it all looks so easy to assemble and use. You are supposed just to snap it in place in minutes, adjust some screws, snap it on and wear it all day under your jeans. If only it really was that easy.

The advantage of Penomet

If you’re having doubts about what kind of a penile extender you want, you really should take a moment and look at the benefits of Hydro pumps such as Penomet. Not only is Penomet actually and “god to honestly easy to use”, but it also offers you so much more once you’re ready to take your journey into Penis Enlargement to the next level. 

In a few months, once you’ve gotten used to your new Penomet, and you literally see your penis grow in front of your eyes, Penomet has some exciting add-on options you can try out to supercharge your growth potential.

Supercharge your Penomet

You can upgrade your standard Penomet pump anytime. You could choose either the Penomet Extra Package, that provides two additional gaiters with different pressure settings, or, you can go full-blown Penomet Premium and get the genuinely premium gaiters with 4 more gaiters.

Like with all useful comparisons, there is just one more thing…

Once you’ve mastered the Premium gaiters, you can add the awesomely unique X85 Monster Gaiter, our most robust and most rigorous gaiter ever invented.