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Penomet Certificates

We don’t just make Penomet, we’re actual users of Penomet as well – that’s why we’re so passionate about our product and why we’ve spent so much time and effort developing and creating such an amazing penis pump.

Every component of Penomet has been designed and manufactured with the highest level of precision to create a comfortable, safe and effective means to enlarge your penis.

To reflect the quality of our product we have had it tested and certified by a number of global and European organisations that specialise in assessing and testing products to ensure they adhere to the highest manufacturing and quality standards.

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CE Marking

Penomet is the only penis pump in existence to sport a CE marking, a declaration by our manufacturer that our product meets the compliance requirements of EU legislation. CE marking also enables the free movement of products within European markets so if you’re ordering your Penomet for delivery within Europe, you can be assured your order isn’t going to get held up at customs!

SGS Certifications

Awarded by the industry leading governing body for inspection, verification, testing and certification, Penomet has been awarded certification as an RoHS Class 1 Product (testing and compliance of the silicone under laws of the United States and the European Union & EEA) as well as classification and certification as being Toxin Free in relation to the polycarbonate in the cylinder along with the release valve and its components containing 0% trace amounts of forbidden or limited chemicals.

As Penomet continues to evolve to meet the demands and requirements of our thousands of customers we’re continue to ensure our penis pump is tested to the highest industry standards allowing you to purchase a device like none other on the market.

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