Deep penetration, as the name implies,  is a sexual penetration that goes very deep. In deep penetration, the penis goes beyond the vagina and reaches the cervix. Although Deep penetration is sometimes called Cervical penetration, the cervix is not truly penetrated; the penis only causes cervical stimulation (1). This stimulation builds pressure on the cervix, resulting in another level of sexual pleasure or intense orgasm.

Deep penetration provides extreme pleasure and can be enjoyable to both parties as long as the receiver is completely aroused and mentally ready(2). Complete arousal makes the opening of passages and walls easier.

It is important to know that particular sex positions make it easy to attain deep penetration.




Some sex positions, more than others, have proven to aid deep penetration in sex. Some of them are;


Yes! The doggy sex position is relatively popular during sexual intercourse nowadays. It is possible to explore deep penetration in this position because of the downward angle. Your partner assumes the kneeling position with her palms on the floor or bed. Also, the back of your partner should be properly arched for comfortable penetration. And since your hands are free while penetrating from behind, you can caress her breast and rub the clitoris gently.

The gentle rubbing stimulates the clitoris, and the deep stroking of the penis hits the G-spot. This simultaneous action can result in an intense orgasm.



Have your partner sit on you while you lie down on the bed (or floor). You can thrust in your penis while holding her thighs, or your partner can control the action by pressing their hands against your chest and riding in an up and down motion while you just lay there and enjoy. You can also fiddle her breasts gently while she rides.  

This position can provide amazing stimulation of the G-spot and cervix. It is one of the best sex positions for deep penetration because it allows your partner to control how deep the penis goes. She can go up the penis anytime the stimulation gets too intense, or she starts to feel pain.



This sex position requires you have a lot of stamina and body strength, especially if your partner is not so petite. While standing, you lift your partner totally to sit on your penis. The penis goes deep and causes intense stimulation of the cervix. 

If this position is not attainable due to physical constraints, you can try an alternative position called ballet dancer or dirty ballet dancer.  While standing face to face with your partner, she raises one leg to your shoulder while you hold her by the waist for balance. The legs are wide apart in this position and ready for penetration. Insert your penis all in and kiss for more romance effect.

The Dirty ballet dancer sex position requires an amount of flexibility from your partner.



Be it the dining table or kitchen counter, get your partner to lie on a high flat surface (close to the edge).  While laying on her back, facing you, stand between her legs and insert your penis. Push in gently. Your partner should spread her legs well for you to have maximum access to the “deep”.

The deep penetration access characterized in Table Sex is also adventurous since it is not done on a usual spot. The taste of adventure can add to your arousal, thereby increasing sexual pleasure.



No, you don’t need a wheelbarrow to try this position. It is called wheelbarrow sex because the position itself looks like a wheelbarrow.

This sex position is somewhat similar to the doggy style, except your partner’s knees do not touch the ground.

Hold your partner by the waist while they open their hole(s) to you with their palms facing the ground. Their lower back is hung in mid-air against your pelvis with your hands as support or their legs wrapped around your waist. 

Wheelbarrow sex allows for maximum penetration and is one of the best sex positions to enjoy the pleasures of deep penetration. (3)



Good old missionary sex position gives a feeling of deep penetration too.  Your partner lies on you, and you lie on top of them, face to face. 

Your partner should raise their legs and hand them on your shoulder for deeper penetration and cervical stimulation. Deep kisses and sharing of breaths is possible when practicing this sex position. Therefore, it makes partners feel closer. 




Have your partner lay sideways with the outer leg raised. Penetrate in a kneeling position while holding her raised leg. This penetration goes deep and can cause a mind-blowing orgasm. The Scissors sex style hits more when you have a curved penis. 



This sex position also hits the G spot pretty well. Your partner lays on their chest with their hips slightly lifted towards you. Penetrate from behind. You can also spice the moment up by nibbling your partner’s ears with your tongue or whispering dirty words directly into their ears.

Your partner can place a pillow beneath the hip area to make the position more comfortable for them.




Vagina Dryness

Vagina Dryness during deep penetration or any sex can cause a tear in the vagina or other inner organs due to friction. Sex has to be wet and moist to avoid injury. 

Vagina dryness can result from; 

  • Natural causes: your partner’s vagina may be naturally deficient in producing sexual fluids and natural lubricants. There are artificial water-based or silicone-based lubricants you can pick over the counter at supermarkets or adult shops (sex shops).
  • Lack of Interest: Although deep penetration is one of the most pleasurable sexual phenomenons ever explored, some people do not just enjoy it. Your partner’s vagina may be dry because they are not interested in having sex with you at that moment; hence, they are not aroused.  


Body Anatomy

Some people find deep penetration more painful than others. That may be due to differences in body anatomy. Studies have shown that some females have an inverted cervix or uterus. Deep penetration in such conditions may result in great discomfort and injury. (4)


Minute Penis

Penis length also plays a major role in deep penetration. It is not so easy for men with small penises to hit the spot. Sometimes, it is even impossible if the penis is super small. 

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Enough Lubrication

To enjoy deep penetration, there has to be enough lubrication. That makes it easier to go through and, in turn, less painful.


Communication with your Partner

Pay very close attention to your partner during deep penetration. If it hurts, stop for a bit and try again slowly. If it still hurts too much, then STOP.



The role of foreplay when getting ready for deep penetration can never be overemphasized. Great foreplay will make your partner more aroused. Complete arousal makes it easier for your partner to open up while you are penetrating.


Start Slowly

When penetrating, make sure to penetrate gently to avoid friction that can cause injury to your partner. You can stroke faster when everywhere is all opened up and adjusted.


Try Different Positions

Try various deep penetration positions during the do. Exploring different styles will help you find the one that is most suitable and comfortable for both parties.




The intense stimulation and extreme pleasure that come with deep penetration are definitely more than incredible. However, deep penetration is not only limited to the pleasure it brings. Studies have shown that deep penetration sex is more physically effective in pregnancy formation

Couples who are trying to get pregnant should try deep penetration. Sperm released during deep penetration sex is released very close to the cervix.  In simple terms, when the sperm is released, it is given a head start since they are released deep in the direction they are initially meant to travel.

Deep penetration also helps bring partners closer; there is more emotional connection during and after deep penetration sex.



Both parties enjoy deep penetration very much, if successful. You enjoy super tightness, and your partner enjoys orgasmic stimulations at inner spots.

Normal vaginal sex is amazing, no doubt. But if you are willing to explore higher levels of stimulation and pleasure, deep penetration is advised. Just do it right.

Notwithstanding, if your partner still feels pain after doing it right, withdraw and have the usual vaginal sex. Also, in case there is an injury during the attempt. Take your partner to see a doctor.



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