Penis pumps are known to be one of the most effective non-medicated treatment options for erectile dysfunction.

If you find it difficult to get or maintain an erection, a penis pump can help to stimulate blood flow in the penis, thereby aiding erection. Remember that erection is a function of blood flow in the penis.

The concept of penis pumps is a breakthrough in medical science. Why so?. A relatively high percentage of men above their 40s have erectile dysfunction at one point in their lives if it is not permanent. Therefore, a device that helps men to enjoy sex even while battling the illness is considered a breakthrough, in my opinion.

Due to the demand for a penis pump, there are different makers and different types. We will discuss mainly the types of penis pumps in this article. If you are hoping to get a penis pump and want to know the types available; Read on. At the end of this article, we will be telling you the best penis pump to buy.


Types Of Penis Pumps


(A) Vacuum pumps (Air pumps)

Vacuum penis pumps are penis pumps that use air pressure to stimulate blood flow and cause a stronger erection in the penis. You put your penis in a cylindrical tube that is attached to a manual or automatic pump. 

The action of the pump draws out air from the cylinder, thereby creating a vacuum. The vacuum, in turn, causes extra blood to flow to the penis, thereby giving a stronger erection and a little increase in length and girth.


Components of a vacuum pump

The main components in a vacuum penis pump include;

  1. A cylindrical tube that fits on your penis.
  2. A constriction band or ring that fits around the base of your penis.
  3. A pump (which may be manually powered or automatically powered by a battery) extracts air from the cylindrical tube.

Other components which may be present are;

  1. A quick-release valve that helps you to release the pressure in the vacuum when you over pump 
  2. A cone cap that helps you to wear the constriction ring easily.

Note: The Quick release valve is an important component you should consider when picking a penis pump. Penis pumps with quick release valves are safer since the risk of penile injury from over-pumping may be decreased with the chance to quickly exterminate the built pressure in the vacuum by simply pressing a button.


Vacuum pumps available in the market.

There are numerous makers in the market, but we have handpicked some of the best. After considering factors like safety, effectiveness, and others, here is our list;

  1. CalExotics Optimum Series Advanced Automatic Smart Pump
  2. Tracey Cox EDGE penis pump
  3. LoveHoney Pumped Up Vibrating Pump


How to use a vacuum penis pump

Penis pumps are easy to use if you follow instructions carefully.

  1. Apply lubricant on your penis to avoid irritation.
  2. Place the cylindrical tube over your penis. 
  3. Start pumping with a squeeze and release motion of the hand pump if it is a manual penis pump. The pumping action removes air from the tube, creating a vacuum.
  4. Turn on the pump if it is battery-powered or automatic.
  5. The change in air pressure will cause blood to start engorging the blood vessels in your penis. As a result, it may only take a few minutes for you to achieve an erection(2).
  6. Slide the constriction ring to the base of the penis and remove the tube.


(B)   Hydro pumps

The hydro penis pumps are also called Water pumps. Very similar to vacuum pumps except that in hydro pumps, the pressure that stimulates the penis is caused by water instead of air removal. 

Hydro pumps are more effective since the water allows for steady pumping and uniform simulation. It is best for powerful erection and stretching of the penile tissues.


Components of a hydro pump

The hydro pump consists of mainly the same components as the vacuum pump. In short, most hydro pumps can be used without water like a normal vacuum pump. But the water pump is best for optimum output.

The hydro penis pump has a small water pump instead of a battery-powered or manually powered air pump.


Hydro penis pumps available in the market.

Just like the vacuum pumps, there are lots of products out there. These are some you must try for best results;


1. Penomet Hydro pump Standard

The Penomet hydro pump is one of the most effective hydro pumps available. If you are looking to increase your penis size temporarily for sex, the Penomet device adds up to 3 inches to your penis after pumping. The increment given by the Penomet hydro pump also affects the girth as it makes it bigger by up to 30%.

The Penomet hydro pump has also been confirmed to be very reliable in treating Erectile Dysfunction. In addition, there have been claims and reviews that the device also helps men with Peyronie’s disease( curved penis).  The device costs £107 – £250, depending on the package. 


Why the Penomet hydro pump standard is unique


The Penomet hydro pump standard has gaiters. These gaiters can be used to control the pressure or suction level in the tube. The gaiters (60, 65, 70, 75, 80)  are increased from the smallest to the satisfactory pressure. Thus, you can count on an increase in enlargement as you increase the pressure yourself.

Penomet hydro pump is also suitable for you if you are a newbie pumping your penis for the first time. The included interchangeable silicone force gaiter provides a lower pressure force that’s perfect for newer users. (3).

After testing the device with several patients who all gave it excellent reviews, Theodore Cole, DO, CTN, FAAIM, BCIM, medical director of the Cole Center for Healing, says the Penomet Hydropump is his “go-to device for Erectile dysfunction issues.”(3).

The Penomet pump is available in three different packages (standard, extra, and premium packages). Each package differs from the other by the number of gaiters.

It is the only penis pump that can boast of correcting curved penises.


2. Bathmate Hydromax pump

The pump comes in different sizes and is considered the most popular and best-selling Bathmate product. It can be incorporated into your bath or shower routine as it is manual, easy to use, and reliable. The pump works by creating negative pressure in the cylindrical tube where the warm water is poured. 

The Hydromax pump is cheap, compared to other Bathmate products like the Hydroxtreme. In many ways, the popularity of this penis pumping device is also determined by the price, which is significantly lower than HydroXtreme. At the same time, it has many of the same functions as the most expensive Bathmate pump. (4). Price ranges from £109 – £168.


How to use a hydro penis pump

  1. Close the valve on your hydro pump and fill it with warm water
  2. Insert your penis in the tube and make a seal with your body
  3. Open the valve and Start pumping gradually till erection is attained
  4. You can leave the valve open from the start if you use the pump in a bath (as long as it is fully submerged in water).


Vacuum pumps or Hydro pumps; which one should I go for?


Both types of penis pumps have their pros and cons. But generally, the hydro pump is more recommended because it is highly effective. It allows for steady pumping, which gets the job done smoothly.  Also, the water acts as a coolant and relaxer for the penile tissues, thereby reducing the risk of penile tissue injuries. 

Vacuum pumps also have some advantages over hydro pumps. Hydro pumps can only be used in the bath or shower. You don’t want to get water everywhere. Vacuum pumps, on the other hand, can be used anywhere. 

Vacuum pumps are generally cheaper than hydro pumps.


(C) Manual pumps

This type of penis pump allows you to manually increase the pressure in the cylinder in a squeeze and release the motion of a bulb connected to the cylinder by a hose. They can be vacuum or hydro pumps.



  1. The manual pumps are usually very easy to use
  2. These pumps are relatively cheaper than others. They are pocket friendly
  3. Manual pumps are easier to get. You can comfortably get it over the counter at standard pharmacies.



  1. You may get a dead hand from the continuous squeezing of the bulb.


(D) Electric pumps

Although the name sounds like wires and plugs, electric pumps use batteries for automatic pumping. You can set the pressure or pump duration on the device.



  1. Less stressful to use  because pumping is automatic
  2. They have diverse penis exercise settings



  1. Electric pumps without manual options are unreliable as the battery may run out.
  2. It is easy to over pump. This may result in penile injury.
  3. They are not as common or widely reviewed as others.


Why do people use Penis Pumps?

People use penis pumps for different reasons. These reasons are but not limited to;

  1. To help attain and/or maintain an erection.
  2. To increase penis size temporarily for sex.
  3. Some people use it regularly to increase penis size steadily permanently
  4. To increase sensitization
  5. Some men use penis pumps to correct Peyronie’s disease.
  6. Some men use penis pumps for recreational purposes like jelqing.


General tips for using Penis Pumps

  1. The constriction band positioned at the base of the shaft should not be left on for more than 30minutes.  Since the constriction band restricts blood flow, leaving it for too long may result in complications.
  2. Always pump gently, do not rush. 
  3. Read instructions or user manual before use.
  4. Apply lubricants to avoid bruises when using vacuum pumps.
  5. Do well to find the pump size most compatible with your penis size. The inappropriate penis pump size may cause discomfort and irritation.
  6. Use penis pumps with a quick-release valve.
  7. Use the quick-release valve if the pressure becomes too high in the tube.



Penis pumps are now widely used to treat erectile dysfunction, especially when it is just moderate. However, penis pumps may not work for severe cases.

Apart from treating erectile dysfunction, it can be used as a natural method to increase penis size temporarily. This may help to boost your sexual performance since a bigger girth will satisfy your woman, and a longer length may boost your confidence during sex.

The Penomet hydro pump is highly recommended because it boasts a 360-pressure launch shut-off that ensures speed and safety. In addition, the silicon gaiters (absent in other hydro pumps)  in the Penomet device are of medical standards. 

Finally, the device uses a two-part system that makes pressure up or down easy to scale. The Penomet pump is, no doubt, the penis pump of choice. Click here to copy yours now!




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